St Michael's Folk Evening is held on the first Wednesday of July each year.

Many of the people and groups involved in folk music and dance in the St Albans area get together to perform in the historic setting of St Michael's village.

Up to 11 dance groups, including pupils from St Michael's School, perform in open-air shows, while there is live music in the two pubs and the churchyard.
2015 even added the bells of St Michael's Church.

St Michael's Street is closed to traffic from 8 till 10pm, to become the venue for up to 30 dance shows. The St Michael's pupils dance at the Lower School Maypole .

Music in the pubs normally goes on until closing time, but we're not so sure about the churchyard.

Usually, we get fine weather, and St Michael's village is full to overflowing. Unusually, nobody asks the audience for money; all the musicians and dancers perform for FREE!

There's (some) food and (plenty of) drink to be had from the pubs.

It's the best way to spend the first Wednesday evening in July!